Divert and Deliver is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Slavers are using Steelheart Moorings as their base of operations and they're holding some sailors who they recently captured. The first mate has asked the Vestige to help free the sailors from the slavers' clutches.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Collect Burning Log
  2. Burn the Slavers Tents: (4)
  3. Burn Stolen Goods on the Docks
  4. Steal Ma'jhad Kha's Key
  5. Free Elvira's Crewmates
  6. Return to Elvira
  7. Talk to Gro-Ghash
    1. Kill Ma'jhad Kha
  8. Rescue Elvira
  9. Complete the quest

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

First Mate Elvira approaches the Vestige near Steelheart Moorings and asks for help as her crew has been captured by the slavers and are locked up in a cave behind the town. The key is kept inside the leader's house he's commandeered. But first create a diversion by setting fire to their tents and burn the stolen goods on the dock.

Ma'jhad Kha is one crazy Khajiit, he was actually a slave himself but turned on his masters and took over. Killed his competition and became some kind of slaver king. Light the fires and distract him.

Head over to the slaver's camp beside the cave, grab a burning log from the fire and set fire to the four tents. There are slavers everywhere, holding citizens, kill them and free them on the way to the dock to set fire to the stolen goods. Head back and sneak into the leaders house. When inside, grab the key from a chest, then go back to the cave and enter. Defeat any slavers in the way to the place where the sailors are kept. Open the cage door to let them out, then return to Elvira.

But something's happened to the first mate, the Vestige can only see an injured sailor on the ground. Talk to him to find out what's happened. Gro-Ghash tells them Ma'jhad Kha saw him escape and Elvira stepped in. He took her and dragged her off towards the beach, please help her.

Head over to the beach, killing some slavers on the way. He has Elvira bound by the fire and is waiting for anyone trying to rescue her. He attacks as soon as he sees the Vestige. Fight him and after he is defeated, untie Elvira. She is grateful that they had come after her. That was some adventure with the fires, the slavers running everywhere and setting the guys free.

Reward[edit | edit source]

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