The title "Divine Crusader" was a name given to Pelinal Whitestrake in the First Era and later to the Hero of Kvatch in the Third Era.


The title of "Divine Crusader" was first given to the slave-queen Alessia's friend and champion, Pelinal Whitestrake in the First Era.[1] During the Nedic rebellion against the Ayleids who had enslaved them, Pelinal led many vicious assaults and crusades against their armies, killing many of their soldiers and kings, earning him the title of "Divine Crusader."

Three thousand years later, at the end of the Third Era, Pelinal Whitestrake's greatest foe, the half-elf king Umaril the Unfeathered resurfaced in Tamriel. The Hero of Kvatch learned of this after investigating an attack on the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil and speaking with a mysterious Prophet who had been preaching about Pelinal Whitestrake and his efforts. The Hero of Kvatch then took it upon themselves to finish what Pelinal had started and destroy Umaril forever. The Hero went on a long and arduous quest to retrieve the Relics of the Crusader, reform the Knights of the Nine, and retrieve the blessings of the Divines to help in their quest. When all of this was fulfilled, the Hero was gifted the title of "Divine Crusader" by all of Cyrodiil.[2]



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