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Dockmaster Bahir is the Redguard overseer of the Sentinel Docks.


Risen from the DepthsEdit

Bahir is at the first floor hidding from necromancers. After the Vestige kills them, he talks with Bahir and they discuss what they should do.


"Finally! Someone who's not afraid to do the dirty work. Someone to clean up my docks! I watched you from the window until I head those necromancers downstairs. But I thought Maujad was coming here too—did you see him?"

Maujad is dead. "Damn. Poor bastard. I told them … I told the guards that they were going to have to fight back. It is one thing to be superstitious, but when the Ra-Netu are attacking the city? It's time to put the superstitions aside."
You don't believe as they do? "No. We're not all so hung up on our beliefs. Can't ignore the tradition though … not unless we want fruit thrown at us, or worse. Regardless, right now I'm just glad Tava's winds guided you here—someone to get the Ra-Netu off the damn docks!
I ill if I can. Do you know a way? "I do. I overheard the necromancers. Their leader is calling the dead from the sea with some kind of dark ritual. If you can disrupt the ritual, the dead should … well, they should drop dead, or at least stop crawling out of the water."
Where are they conducting this ritual? "That I do not know. I heard them mention the warehouse at the west end of the docks. Maybe the ritual is there? Wherever it is, you have to stop it. Then tell Captain Zafira. Tava be with you."


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