For other uses, see Dodging.

Dodge is a skill unlocked upon reaching Journeyman (50) status in the Acrobatics skill. It allows the character to roll swiftly in any direction. The move can be performed by holding Block and pressing the jump button while moving in any direction.

Although slightly tricky, if a player can master a combination-skill using this, it can become very helpful. When an enemy is using slow, but powerful attacks such as the power attacks with Hammers and Battleaxes, or even against slower enemies such as Ogres, Xivilai, or Minotaur, then the player can perform this series of actions.

  • Wait to watch for the slow attack. The power attacks with weapons will be noted by how they draw the weapon behind their person. For creatures, such as Ogres, they will raise both arms in the air. Minotaurs and Xivilai will raise their weapon above their head.
  • When this happens, hold Block and press jump while moving backwards. This distance will cause the enemy to miss, and stagger slightly due to the heavy power behind the attack.
  • While they stagger, the Hero is lined up perfectly for an attack with a ranged Destruction spell, or other spells such as Paralyze (Illusion) or the use of a fast attack from a Staff, or a bow and some arrows.

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