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Dogs are animals which can be either aggressive or passive depending on their owner or the actions of the Hero. They can often be found with bandits and marauders. They will howl if they find a dead body. They are not the biggest threat to a traveler as they have no resistances, yet they also have no weaknesses. They also don't drop any kind of significant loot. Normally, they bark if any intruders enter the house they are living in, and in the case of Luna and Daisy, they will attack anyone that has a weapon drawn.

General statsEdit


  • Minor loot


  • Can feast on human corpses for a 50% damage buff for 60 seconds (5 minute cooldown).


  • Not as fast as other animals (Speed 13).

Damage typesEdit

  • Physical
  • Possibility of transmitting the disease Witbane (10%).



  • The dogs in Oblivion resemble German Shepherds, a common breed that originated in Germany.
  • Dogs tend to bump into the Hero often. This can be problematic if the Hero is using a ranged attack, as it may throw off the aim or make the dog a target.


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