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Dogs are creatures that exist in The Elder Scrolls Online primarily as pets of characters, but can also be obtained by the Vestige via limited edition promotions or purchase through the Crown Store.

List of dogs[edit | edit source]

Name Location City/Town Region Province
Aldarch Wuufren Skywatch Manor Skywatch Auridon Summerset Isles
Barbas A servant of Clavicus Vile - - -
Barkeep Sentinel Alik'r Desert Hammerfell
Bite In the Snow-Bourne House Windhelm Eastmarch Skyrim
Burtle Khenarthi's Roost Elsweyr
Cankle In Southern Morrowind Gate Cyrodiil
Eat Eat Elden Root Grahtwood Valenwood
FleabagSM At a river west of Shimmerene Shimmerene Summerset Summerset Isles
Giblets Daggerfall Glenumbra High Rock
Gruber In Fallowstone Hall fort - The Rift Skyrim
Horker Davon's Watch Stonefalls Morrowind
Ice Near a camp outside of Belkarth Belkarth Craglorn Hammerfell, High Rock
Ironbark In front of the Fighters Guildhall Vulkhel Guard Auridon Summerset Isles
Kallie In Aesar's Web dungeon - Rivenspire High Rock
Keba In Saint Delyn Waistworks near Saint Delyn's Inn entrance corridor Vivec City Vvardenfell Morrowind
Knapper Weye Cyrodiil
Link At the Northern Morrowind Gate Cyrodiil
Lord Ruffinari Skywatch Auridon Summerset Isles
Lorkhan Inside The Arrowpoint Club Vulkhel Guard Auridon Summerset Isles
Lucky TG In the Sewer Tenement - Gold Coast Cyrodiil
Musi In Artisan's Oasis crafting camp - Alik'r Desert Hammerfell
Pawlicker At the Southern Morrowind Gate Cyrodiil
Pumpernickle OR In the Orsinium Fighters Guild Orsinium Wrothgar High Rock
Pyhart Near the northwest bridge to Imperial City Imperial City City Isle Cyrodiil
Rexus Bleakrock Village Bleakrock Isle Skyrim
Rollie Cragwallow Eastmarch Skyrim
Sir Loin Skywatch Auridon Summerset Isles
Sir Merne In Firebrand Keep fort - Stormhaven High Rock
Strongnose In Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury Vulkhel Guard Auridon Summerset Isles
Xandier Rivenspire High Rock

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References[edit | edit source]

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