Domba is an armored Redguard witch who can be encountered in the right wing of Ald Daedroth in the Azura's Coast region. She is accompanied by Gnaw Tooth at the Daedric shrine to Lord Sheogorath, located on an island east of Mzuleft, and northeast of the Rotheran Stronghold. Domba is hostile towards the Nerevarine and will readily engage in combat with any adversary in sight.


Threads of the WebspinnerEdit

Domba is in possession of the Belt of Sanguine Smiting requested by Eno Hlaalu, Grandmaster of the Morag Tong. She must be killed to acquire it.


Domba and Gnaw Tooth are paired for a battle against Endroni Dalas and Uresa Omoril, two Ordinators in the right wing area of the ruins. They may or may not already be engaged in combat when encountered. Domba and Gnaw Tooth are hostile towards the Nerevarine without provocation, while the Ordinators are not.

Domba typically begins a skirmish by using her Crimson Despair Ring to absorb an adversary's Willpower. She frequently summons a Flame Atronach for assistance, especially if her partner is already dead. Unarmored, she wields an enchanted Demon Mace and lunges at her opponent to engage in melee combat while assisted by her summoning. She foolhardily seems to have no concern for the damage effects inflicted by her summoning, and she may be killed by her own servant. Otherwise, she continues the melee combat until either she or her opponent is dead.

Attributes and equipmentEdit


Domba is an accomplished witch, an expert-level with 60 points in all five of her primary skills. These include three schools of magic (Conjuration, Illusion, and Mysticism), and two melee-related disciplines (Medium Armor and Unarmored). Domba has 52 points in Short Blade, and 12 points in Blunt Weapon, her preferred melee weapon type.
Primary Skills
Conjuration 60
Illusion 60
Medium Armor 60
Mysticism 60
Unarmored 60

Abilities, powers, and spellsEdit

 • Resist Common Disease - 75%
 • Resist Poison - 75%

 • Adrenaline Rush

 • Dire Weary
 • Second Barrier
 • Shadowmask
 • Strong Fire Shield
 • Strong Frost Shield
 • Strong Reflect
 • Strong Shock Shield
 • Strong Spelldrinker
 • Summon Bonelord
 • Summon Clannfear
 • Summon Dremora
 • Summon Flame Atronach
 • Summon Frost Atronach
 • Summon Hunger
 • Wild Spelldrinker


 • Armun-An Bonemold Cuirass
 • Armun-An Bonemold Pauldron (left and right)
 • Bonemold Boots
 • Bonemold Bracer (left and right)
 • Bonemold Greaves
 • Native Armun-An Bonemold Helm
 • Common Pants
 • Common Shirt
 • Crimson Despair Amulet
 • Belt of Sanguine Smiting
 • Demon Mace