Donus Falto is an Imperial found at the alliances' bases inside the Imperial City Sewers.

He is originally from Cheydinhal, but fled when the Imperial Legion came into town to forcefully enlist the townsfolk, which sparked a conflict between the two parties.


"If you’re looking for the dumbest man in Cyrodiil, your search is over."
Why is that? "Well, it takes an unusually foolish person to flee a bad situation and end up in a far worse one. I’m one of those special people."

What did you do? "I fled Cheydinhal, a village east of here, to avoid being forced to join a gang of Imperial deserters. I ran here and put myself in the middle of a warzone, with horrors from Coldharbour running amok and killing everyone."
Can’t you leave? "We had to swim across Lake Rumare to get here, me and two friends. The slaughterfish got my friends. The guards won’t let civilians use the tunnel and I can’t face swimming back again. I’m starting to think my friends were the lucky ones."
What’s it like in the City? "Why, it’s just great up there, all sunshine and puppies. Why don’t you go take a look?"
Really? "Oh, you’re so clever; saw right through that ruse, didn’t you? Well, if sunshine made your skin peel off your body, and if puppies were ten times your size and had teeth the length of your arm, then yes, it’s all true."


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