Donus Serethi is a Dunmer spellsword who resides inside Llethan Manor in the district of Godsreach, Mournhold. He is a servant of Ravani Llethan, King Athyn Llethan's widow.





Greeting "If you're here to offer your respects, speak to Ravani Llethan, the king's widow."
King Llethan's death (low disposition) "[He looks at you and smiles unpleasantly.] The King is dead. Long live the King."
King Llethan's death (high disposition) "They say he died of old age. That's possible. But is it likely? Have you seen a broadside sheet called "The Common Tongue." In there it says Helseth poisoned hundreds of people when he was in the West. So why wouldn't he poison one old man to become king in Morrowind?"
Greeting (after killing Ravani Llethan) "Murderer! Take that!"


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