A doomstone.

Doomstones are powerful, magical stones scattered all across Tamriel. There are twenty Doomstones scattered across Cyrodiil. Thirteen of these monoliths are named after the birthsigns, while the other seven are believed to be named after long-forgotten cults. Doomstones are not the same as Rune Stones.

Doomstones are mentioned in an edition of the Black Horse Courier, titled New 'Doomstones' Series!.

Greater power[edit | edit source]

Each Doomstone grants one or more greater power when touched. Some restrictions apply:

  • All Doomstones must be approached between 6 pm and 6 am. At any other time, one will get the message "No stars shine upon the Doomstone."
  • One can only be aligned with one single Birthsign Stone at a time but one can change powers by touching a different Birthsign Stone at any time.
  • The powers from Cult Stones are cumulative, so as one activates more, one begins to accumulate a great array of powerful abilities.
  • In order to receive Cult Stone powers, one must have a certain level of combined Fame and Infamy points. If lacking, the Hero will receive the message "The Hero's fate is known when the Hero's fame has grown." The renown requirement can be met by wearing the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal reward from the Thieves Guild, as it gives 100 Infamy whenever worn.

Map[edit | edit source]

The following is a useful map of the Doomstones in Cyrodiil. However, the map is not complete in all aspects (many of the Birthsign Stones and Shezarr Cult stone are missing for example, as well as misplaced markers, with the Lover's Stone marked as the Magnus).[1]

Birthsign Stones[edit | edit source]

Cult Stones[edit | edit source]

Effects[edit | edit source]

Table of effects for the Cult Stones. All effects last 120 secs on Self:

Aetherius Dragon Jode Jone Magnus Shezarr Sithian
20 70 30 10 50 60 40
Health 40pts 40pts
Magicka 50pts 50pts
Fatigue 100pts
Acrobatics 30pts
Alchemy 15pts
Alteration 15pts
Armorer 20pts
Athletics 30pts
Blade 20pts
Block 20pts
Blunt 20pts
Conjuration 15pts
Destruction 15pts
Hand-to-Hand 20pts
Heavy Armor 20pts
Illusion 15pts 20pts
Light Armor 20pts
Marksman 20pts
Mercantile 20pts
Mysticism 15pts
Restoration 15pts
Security 20pts
Sneak 30pts
Speechcraft 20pts
Other Effect Resist Magic 20% Invisibility Reflect Spell 20%

Drevis Neloren's lecture[edit | edit source]

Drevis Neloren, an Illusion professor at the College of Winterhold, once researched Doomstones and held a lecture for his students and other members of the College in the Hall of the Elements. The following is his full official lecture that he led:

"The existence of so-called "Doomstones" throughout Skyrim has been repeatedly verified. The meaning of these stones has not. The prevailing opinion of Skyrim natives is that the stones are indeed magical in nature. While there is no direct evidence of this, it does seem likely. References to similar stones appear in lore throughout the various Tamrielic cultures. None of said stones, however, exactly match the markings or distribution of Skyrim's stones. At present, there is no confirmation of any of the various theories surrounding the nature of these stones. Their relative positions do not indicate that any individual stone is part of a larger, unobserved pattern. Also, their placement throughout Skyrim does not correspond to any known magical phenomenon. The age of the stones themselves has yet to be officially determined. It has been widely assumed that they were placed during the Merethic Era. Writings from that period, including those of Ysgramor himself, do not mention the stones and thus this idea cannot be verified. Nonetheless, many are drawn to these stones based on the local stories describing them as a source of significant power. The College will continue to research these intriguing objects, and of course any findings will be relayed with all possible haste."
―Drevis Neloren

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