"Dawn is breaking."

The Doorkeeper is a member of the Mythic Dawn, a cult dedicated to the Daedric Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon.


Dagon ShrineEdit

The Hero of Kvatch must talk to him to gain access to the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, located within the Lake Arrius Caverns. He asks the Hero to give him all their items before letting them inside. Alternatively, the Hero can kill him and loot the door key from his corpse. The later course of action will turn all the Mythic Dawn hostile against the Hero, making infiltrating the cult impossible.


"Dawn is breaking."

Greet the new day. "Welcome, brother. The hour is late, but the Master still has need for willing hands. You may pass into the Shrine. Harrow will take you to the Master for your initiation into the service of Lord Dagon. Do not tarry. The time of Preparation is almost over. The time of Cleansing is near."

(After joining the Mythic Dawn)
"How can I serve you, Brother?"

Mankar Camoran "The Master is preaching in the Shrine as we speak! Hurry, you should not miss the chance to hear the Master's words!"
Mehrunes Dagon "We have been preparing for the coming of Lord Dagon for many years. You come to us at a fateful time. The Master has promised us that the Time of Preparation is almost over! The Time of Cleansing is almost here!"
Mysterium Xarxes "You should complete your initiation before we speak any further of that."
Time of Cleansing "You should complete your initiation before we speak any further of that."

"The Time of Prepartion is almost over."


  • "Harrow awaits within. You should not linger longer."


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