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Dorian is a Breton sailor and part of the Red Wave crew, who can be found in the ship next to the East Empire Company Warehouse.


Dorian enjoys quiet and calm seas, and reading books over wine, women, and wealth. However, his rugged look, loyalty to the ship, crew and its captain and determination to kill anyone that steps into the Red Wave's way still makes him a dangerous man. He's a fan of the famous author Adonato Leotelli, and wants to meet him.


Dorian just enlisted with the Red Wave crew and hasn't been on the ship longer than a few weeks, but has been a sailor before the joining the Red Wave.


Hired MuscleEdit

Dorian is a possible target for this quest.

Enchanting Pick-UpEdit

He is a possible target for this quest.


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  •  360   PS3   NX   Dorian resides in a trespassing zone, so he cannot be normally engaged in dialog. This prevents completion of both of the quests he's involved in, since both require the Dragonborn to talk to him. To fix this, attack him in order to lure him outside, then yield to him and talk to him before he goes back inside. Another possible way to complete the quest is to talk to him when he is standing (not sitting) near to the exit, and then immediately go outside. If the player exits before he finishes saying, "You shouldn't be here." then he will probably follow them outside and they can talk to him with his normal dialog options. He can also be moved outside of his ship with console commands.


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