"The southern tip of the Dragon's Teeth, stretches from the ice covered mounts of High Rock to the wooded forests of Valenwood."
―Description of Crystal Tower in Arena[src]

The Dragon's Teeth Mountains are a large mountain range encompassing borders of western Tamriel. These mountains hold some parts of other nearby mountains including the Druadach Mountains, Dragontail Mountains, Wrothgarian Mountains, and the Jerall Mountains. The Mountains can be seen from the Crystal Tower.[1] Falinesti is anchored to the south of the Mountains.[2]


First EraEdit

When the Dwemer journeyed to Hammerfell after the War of the First Council, they founded multiple Dwarven cities including Santaki, Gilane, Bthzark, and Mtharnaz. One of these cities is Fang Lair built by the Kragen Clan. The clan was driven out by a Great Wyrm.[3]

Third EraEdit

During the Imperial Simulacrum, the Eternal Champion ventured to Fang Lair to retrieve the first piece of the Staff of Chaos after Queen Blubamka gave them the location for a tablet in Stonekeep.[4]



High RockEdit







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