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Dragon Bridge is a small community located on the Karth River and between the cities of Solitude and Markarth and is south-west of the Solitude Sawmill.


The settlement looks like a small village, but what is most notable is where it derived its name from - the bridge that arches across the Karth river. When going through the bridge, a giant statue of a dragon head can be seen in the middle, hence the name. From there, Solitude is visible as towers in the distance.

It is home to the only Penitus Oculatus Outpost in all of Skyrim. This is noted by Astrid during the Dark Brotherhood questline.

It is also one of the four places where the Headless Horseman will spawn and is a key point in several quests. A note indicating the location of the Moth Priest, who is essential for the quest Prophet will be found on a road just past the town's bridge.


Temporary inhabitants

Nearby landmarks




  • If a dragon's corpse falls into the river below the bridge, residents and guards may jump into the water to take a closer look.
  • There is a raided merchant cart outside of the bridge with two dead travelers.


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  • When fast traveling with a horse to Dragon Bridge, it may appear in front of the bridge while the player spawns in front of the village.
  •  360   A random Blood Dragon corpse will appear in the middle of the village. The first time it is encountered, it releases a soul, but the corpse will be there every time the Dragonborn returns, with skin, (not releasing a soul). Even if one uses the Raise Zombie glitch to send the body flying, it will respawn in the same place.
  •  360  Occasionally the bridge will become untouchable, causing you to fall through and making it impossible to cross.


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