The Dragon Cult is an organization of Dragon Priests that ruled over Skyrim during the Merethic Era. Another prominent figure in the cult was Alduin, the ruler of dragons.


The cultists were some of the first men to arrive on Tamriel from the continent of Atmora. These cultists worshipped many animals as avatars of the gods, the dragons among them. The dragons granted the cultists terrible power in exchange for complete obedience. The Dragon Priests demanded tribute from the populace and created laws to keep peace between men and the Dragons.[1]


The ruins of modern-day Labyrinthian were originally built as a temple to the Dragons. This grew into Bromjunaar, a great city of that era. Bromjunaar is believed by some to have been the capital of Skyrim at the height of the Dragon Cult's influence there. It was believed that the highest ranking Priests of the cult met at Labyrinthian to discuss matters of ruling.[2]


Eventually, men rebelled against the cruelty of Alduin and his Dragon Cult in what is known as the Dragon War. A large number of the cultists were killed and the survivors were overthrown.

The survivors adapted and went into hiding. They built the Dragon mounds, entombing the remains of the dragons that died during the war with the belief that Alduin would one day return and resurrect the faithful.[3]

One of the last remnants of the cult was found by Skorm Snow-Strider in the secluded monastery of Forelhost high in the Jerall Mountains in 1E 139.[4]


Soon after the re-birth of Alduin in 4E 201 a new cult formed, only this time spearheaded by the first Dragonborn and Dragon Priest Miraak in service to himself, having forsaken the dragons long ago in a bid for power. Mostly restricted to the Isle of Solstheim, they attempted to assassinate the Last Dragonborn, re-build the Temple of Miraak, and corrupt the All-Maker Stones by indoctrinating the local populace into building his shines around them.[5]

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The Dragonborn faces Dragon Priests and Dragon Cultists as part of other quests or while revealing shouts from word walls. Dragon Priests yield Dragon Priest Masks.

It is presumed that the numerous Draugr found within Nordic ruins were members of the Dragon Cult, punished by the dragons to serve them for eternity.


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