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The Dragon Priest Staff is a weapon that appears in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.



  • This item shares its name with the Dragon Priest Staff, just that the other staff creates a lightning wall.
  • The staff has the same effect as the Destruction spell Wall of Flames.
  • The recharge of the staff is much larger than Grand Soul Gems.
  • Despite not being the only Skyrim Dragon Priest to wield a staff, this is the only Skyrim priest who has a staff with the official title of Dragon Priest Staff (excluding Nahkriin who carries a unique-in-appearance variant) as opposed to generic stave names that describe the staff's ability. This is made stranger by the fact that all the Skyrim staff-wielding priests use staves identical in appearance (excluding Nahkriin again) yet this is the only one to receive the title. Hevnoraak uses his own unique staff, but it is named after himself and is identical to any Destruction staff.


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