Template:Items Dragon scales are a crafting material found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Dragon scales are one of the main components used to make Dragon Scale Armor and Dragonplate Armor. Each scale is quite valuable, but their heavy weight makes them impractical for carrying around.


Dragon scales are obtained from the skeletal remains of Dragons. A dead dragon will have normally hold between 1 - 3 bones.


Selling Dragon Scales may be difficult for a low-leveled character with a low-leveled Speech skill, as merchants will not have much gold available for trading. So if you cannot sell them easily, at least try passing them over to a follower or put them in a Chest in your house until your Speech skill is higher, and merchants have more gold.


  • Dropping Dragon Scales and/or Dragon Bones in quantities of 6 or greater for companions to pick up causes them to merge into one clump, as is usual. However, when companions pick up the scales, they do not always retain their original quantity of 6; rather, they sometimes drop down to 1 scale or bone. Be sure to save prior to dropping scales or bones for companions to pick up. A solution would be to simply trade with your companion, instead of asking him to pick it up.
  •  360  If dropped from your inventory in a stack, when picked up they will be marked as stolen.

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