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"I've been hearing stories about dragons. That they're back. That they can eat the sun out of the sky and freeze a man where he stands."

Dragon Seekers is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is a repeatable radiant quest within the Companions questline. To complete it, the Dragonborn must kill the dragon at a randomized dragon lair.


The quest giver has heard rumours of dragons and wants to defeat one for himself. I'm going to accompany him to a den to slay the beast there.


  1. Kill the dragon at the den
  2. Talk to the quest giver


Either Farkas or Vilkas say that a dragon is terrorizing a nearby Hold. The exact details are scarce, but this would be a glorious victory and would help keep the citizens of Skyrim safe. Instructions on the whereabouts of the dragon lair are given.

Walk the path to the dragon's location. The quest giver accompanies the Dragonborn as a Shield-Brother. Begin combat with the dragon, defeat it, and absorb its soul.

Talk to the quest giver. Farkas or Vilkas is impressed by the Dragonborn's dragon slaying abilities and comments on what a fine battle it was. They may choose not to return to Whiterun, but rather stay behind to examine the dragon skeleton further.


This quest is beneficial for would-be crafters of dragonplate/dragonscale armor, since the resources dropped by these dragons are abundant and the quests can be completed multiple times successively.


Dragon Seekers – CR14
ID Journal Entry

<Alias=Questgiver> has heard the rumors of dragons and wants to defeat one for himself. I'm going to accompany him to <Alias=Den> to slay the beast there.

  • Objective 10: Kill the dragon at <Alias=Den>

<Alias=Questgiver> and I have killed a dragon at <Alias=Den>.

  • Objective 20: Talk to <Alias.ShortName=Questgiver>
  • Quest complete
  • Quest complete


  • Farkas or Vilkas may give this quest after already being inducted into the Blades and already going on dragon hunting missions with the Dragonborn.
  • If the Dragonborn receives the quest from Farkas, after the dragon is defeated, if spoken to, Farkas will say that he is memorizing every detail of the dragon so when he describes the battle, Vilkas will believe him.


This section contains bugs related to Dragon Seekers. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  •  PC   360   PS3   Dragon Souls may not be absorbed upon killing the dragons.
    •  PC (Fix)   type setstage CR14 100 into the console, thus force-completing the quest. Return to the quest giver and restart the quest.
  •  PC   The location of the dragon lair may be inaccessible, causing the game to crash.
  •  360   Farkas may repeatedly initiate dialogue with the Dragonborn, making it impossible to defeat the dragon. This is caused by having a bounty in any hold. This bug is fixed by paying off any bounties or serving the time in jail.
  • If sent to kill a dragon that is also marked as a current bounty quest, the bounty quest will override the "Dragon Seekers" quest and will not be completable, leaving Farkas or Vilkas as a permanent follower with no other dialogue options aside from training.