The following is a list of Dragon Shouts that appear in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn:

Dragon Shout Word of Power Translation Cooldown Word Wall Location
Battle Fury
Your Thu'um enchants your nearby allies' weapons, allowing them to attack faster.
MID Mid Loyal 20 Vahlok's Tomb
VUr Vur Valor 30
SHAaN Shaan Inspire 40
Bend Will
Your voice bends the very stones to your will. As it gains power, animals, people, and even dragons must do your bidding.
GOL Gol Earth 10
DOVHa Mind 90
HADov Dragon 120
Your Thu'um creates a whirling cyclone that sows chaos among your enemies.
VEN Ven Wind 30
GAR Nos Strike 60
NOSGar Unleash 45
Dragon Aspect
Once a day, take on the mighty aspect of a dragon, delivering colossal blows, with an armored hide, and more powerful shouts.
MUL Mul Strength 5
QAh Qah Armor 5
DIiV Diiv Wyrm 5


Dragon Aspect
Learn all 3 words of Dragon Aspect
Points 20 Gamer points
Silver trophy

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