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Dragonflies are found throughout Skyrim. They can be found hovering above water sources, stuck in spider webs, and can even be sold by merchants. They can be eaten or mixed into a potion for varied effects.

Wherever dragonflies are found hovering over water, one can, directly below them, find several fish used as alchemical reagents: Abecean Longfin, river betty, silverside perch and histcarp.

Description[edit | edit source]

"A surprising number of insects survive in Skyrim's climate, many thriving in the lower, southern areas of the province. Dragonflies can be found in a great many places, and while catching them can be a daunting prospect, the reward is well worth the effort. It was beyond the scope of my research to determine whether the orange and blue dragonflies are fully different breeds or merely simple color variations, but through experimentation, I found that the orange dragonfly, when combined with the very hardy barnacles found along the coast, transfer some of their flighty nature, giving the herbalist some very nimble fingers."
Agneta Falia[src]

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