Dragonlings are draconic creatures living in areas around the Illiac Bay in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Its main form of attack is fire breathing, but they can be calmed by people capable of speaking Dragonish.

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"The fairly common dragonling is a worthy opponent for any adventurer. It is capable of casting a number of powerful spells and healing itself in combat. Those who speak their language tell us that beneath a veneer of maddening riddles and non sequiturs are minds of great wisdom. Despite all their merits, dragonlings are less grand than their lineage would suggest. Explorers, sages, and archivists have argued for centuries over whether the great dragons of legends still live, if in fact they ever existed. The people of the Alik'r Desert insist that their vast plain of sand is home to a multitude of the Great Wyrms. Granting the nomads their prosperity for tall tales, if there were a forsaken land where the great Dragons still fly undisturbed, it would indeed be the Alik'r Desert."
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