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For other uses, see Dragon Armor and Dragonplate Armor.
"Is your armor made of... dragon bones? By the gods, what I wouldn't do for a set of that."
Hold Guard[src]

Dragonplate Armor is a heavy armor set found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Starting at level 40, Dragonplate Armor pieces can be found, very rarely, as random loot from chests and containers. Armor pieces can be found at lower levels if the Dragon Armor perk is acquired before reaching level 40. Enchanted Dragonplate Armor pieces can be found starting at level 41.


Dragonplate Armor is forged from dragon bones, Dragon scales and leather strips. The Dragon Armor perk, which requires a Smithing skill of 100, must be acquired before this armor type can be crafted.

Dragonplate Armor can be upgraded at a workbench. However, the chest piece and shield require Dragon Bones to be upgraded, while the boots, gauntlets, and helmet require Dragon Scales.


Daedric Armor[]

Daedric armor has a higher armor rating than Dragonplate armor at its base value and retains its higher rating, even when both armors have been upgraded to Legendary status. However, with its lower weight, Dragonplate Armor is the more suitable choice when lacking proper Heavy Armor perks. Another consideration is that the relative frequency of dragon attacks as compared to Daedra encounters means that it is usually much easier to obtain the raw materials for Dragonplate armor (bone and scales) versus the Daedric armor (Daedra Hearts). Note also that the higher rating for Daedric armor will not make a difference if either set is taken above the armor cap of 567 through perks and tempering.

Dragonscale Armor[]

While Dragonplate armor has a higher base armor, it also has a much heavier weight compared to Dragonscale. Dragon Scales are also lighter than dragon bones, making it easier to transport the material for the armor. Dragonscale is a light armor, which can make it better for a stealth-based player character or if they have a higher light armor skill. However, if weight is not an issue and all Heavy Armor abilities are unlocked, Dragonplate is a more beneficial choice.

Attributes by piece[]

Piece ArmorIcon.png WeightIcon.png Gold Dragon Scales Dragon Bone Leather Strips ID
Dragonplate Armor 46 40 2125 3 2 3 00013966
Dragonplate Boots 17 8 425 3 1 2 00013965
Dragonplate Gauntlets 17 8 425 2 1 2 00013967
Dragonplate Helmet 22 8 1050 2 1 2 00013969
Dragonplate Shield 34 15 1050 3 1 1 00013968
Total (with shield) 136 79 5075 13 6 10
Total (without shield) 102 64 4025 10 5 9



  • The armbands have Dragon letters carved into them reading "Jonah Lobe." Jonah Lobe was the character artist who created the Dragonplate armor.[1] [2]
  • The back of the boots is quite similar in appearance to the back of the male version of Ancient Nord Boots.
  • Zurin Arctus was known to have made a Cuirass from dragon bones, similar to this armor.


This section contains bugs related to Dragonplate Armor (Skyrim Set). Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  •  PC   360   PS3   When worn by bestial races, such as Khajiit or Argonians, their cranial features and tails might disappear or function abnormally.
  •  360   The Dragonplate Helmet will sometimes clip into the forehead, showing the hair on the top of the head. Even having no hair (i.e. shaved), and wearing the helmet still causes this bug to occur.
  • Although it is quite rare, pieces of the set can be found as early as level 30, even without the aforementioned perk.

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