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Dragonrend is a dragon shout in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The shout forces a dragon to land and experience the concept of mortality. Once obtained, it can make all dragon fights significantly easier without waiting for the dragon to reach 50% health before automatically landing. All three words of the shout are obtained during Alduin's Bane: however, it is not required to use all three words of the shout in order to force a dragon to land. The addition of words makes the effect of the shout last for a longer period of time.


Dragonrend is the first shout ever created solely by mortals.[1] It was created as a weapon against dragons, and cannot be known to them as their minds cannot comprehend its concepts.[2] The shout forces a dragon to experience mortality, an incomprehensible idea to a dragon.[1] It is also capable of weakening Alduin and make him vulnerable to attacks,[3] and therefore was crucial to his defeat both by the ancient Nords during the Dragon War,[4] and the Dragonborn during the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.[3] During the great Dragon War in ages past, the Dragonrend shout was crafted by the first mortal TonguesGormlaith Golden-Hilt, Hakon One-Eye, and Felldir the Old,[2][1] who had learned the usage of the Thu'um from Paarthurnax to be used as a powerful weapon against dragons. Atop the Throat of the World, these Tongues used the shout on Alduin, forcing the World-Eater to land and confront them. The ensuing battle allowed the heroes to use an Elder Scroll to cast Alduin adrift on the tides of time in the hopes that he would be forever banished.[5] Sending Alduin through time resulted in a Time Wound being created.[2]

This event is viewed by the Dragonborn upon reading the Elder Scroll in the time wound. The words of Dragonrend are learned and unlocked when the heroes use the shout on Alduin for the first time.


Dragonrend works by forcing the targeted dragon to understand the meaning of mortality — something so utterly incomprehensible to an immortal dragon that the knowledge tears at their very soul, breaking their concentration enough so they cannot focus on flying. When used on a dragon, the dragon finds a place to land, upon which it remains temporarily grounded.

Dragonrend can also be used to interrupt the Shouts of a dragon, such as Fire Breath. A dragon can be kept on the ground permanently if the shout is used repeatedly.

This shout is known as "Alduin's Bane" with good reason: when fighting Alduin on the Throat of the World and during the final battle in Sovngarde, Dragonrend is the only way to render the World-Eater vulnerable to the Dragonborn's attacks

When used on objects such as bowls and plates, it functions like a weaker version of Unrelenting Force, scattering the objects. This effect is most noticeable at the banquet table in the Palace of the Kings.


  • It is one of the only two shouts created by Men, along with Dragon Aspect.
  • This shout doesn't require Dragon Souls to unlock, unlike other shouts.
  • Along with Throw Voice, this is one of the few shouts where all three words are learned all at once. It is also one of the few shouts that the Dragonborn can learn by listening alone, as most are learned by looking at their inscriptions.
  • If used on Alduin during "Alduin's Bane," Alduin will say "You may have picked up the weapons of my ancient foes, but you are not their equal!"


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  • May only function on dragons that have detected the Dragonborn.confirmation needed
  • If there isn't enough room, the Dragon will not land and will instead fly off to land out of combat distance.
  • If Miraak has already been killed, using the shout has an extremely low chance to steal dragon souls, just like Miraak's custom shout.



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