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Dragonstar Caravan Company Note is a book in The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood.

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Damn caravan drivers. Always want to look good to their bosses, so they skirt the main roads to avoid the costs of tolls and customs. And what happens? We have to free their carts and wagons when they get stuck in the mud. We're supposed to guard their sorry arses, not pull them out of a ditch every time they decide to bypass a toll booth! And if you try to tell me that's the life of a typical caravan guard, I'll run you through with my sword!

Maybe I'll take a peek at the ledgers during the next night shift and see just how much this is all worth to the company. I'll be renegotiating my contract, for sure, if they intend to keep breaking the law on my watch.

I know you've got my back if it comes to that, but how about you take the temperature of some of the other guards. I'd like to have a strong position to haggle from if it comes to that with those Dragonstar merchant lords.

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