For other uses, see Drain Blood.

Drain Blood is a Destruction spell in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that temporarily lowers an adversary's Health and Magicka.


Both effects are 5 points each second for 30 seconds on touch:


The following people use and/or sell this spell:

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* These characters are the spell merchants


This spell can be purchased from the following merchant(s):

Name Faction Settlement Location
Aldaril Imperial Legion Buckmoth Legion Fort Interior
Diren Vendu House Telvanni Tel Mora Tower Services
Ferise Varo None Vos Varo Tradehouse
Jeanne Andre TR None Mournhold Great Bazaar, Magic Shop
Llaalam Madalas House Telvanni Sadrith Mora Llaalam Madalas: Mage
Solea Nuccusius Imperial Legion Moonmoth Legion Fort Prison Towers
Tinaso Alan House Telvanni Tel Mora Tower Services
Uleni Heleran Mages Guild Sadrith Mora Mages Guild
Urtiso Faryon House Telvanni Sadrith Mora Urtiso Faryon: Sorcerer


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