Drain Luck is an effect that drains the Luck of the target (either Nerevarine or enemy). If it affects the Nerevarine, it is diametrically opposed to the Restore Luck Effect. There are several ways that this effect can occur:


  • The Nerevarine can cause this effect by casting the Destruction spell of the same name.
  • Can be cast by using a spell from an enchantment on an item.
  • The Nerevarine can be hit by an enemy magician casting this spell.


  • The Nerevarine can use a weapon enchanted to "Cast When Strikes" (like most weapons are).
  • The Nerevarine can receive this effect from being hit by a weapon with this Enchanted onto the weapon.

Take a potionEdit

  • The Nerevarine can achieve this effect by drinking a potion (why one would want to, though, is questionable, since it reduces attributes).
  • Eat a raw Alchemy ingredient causing this effect (again, possible, but not recommended).

Use a scrollEdit

  • The Nerevarine can also, if a scroll has been bought from a relevant merchant or healer, use a scroll to cause this effect on a target.


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