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"This effect temporarily lowers the value of a victim's magicka. Any derived attributes are recalculated. Magicka returns to its original value when the spell ends. The magnitude is the units of magicka reduced each second of duration."
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Construction Set[src]

Drain Magicka is a magic effect in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that is a member of the Destruction school of magic, governed by Willpower. Its base Magicka cost is 4.00 points.


The following spells consist of a Drain Magicka effect. They may include additional effects. See articles for details.

Drain Magicka Spells
Name Type Cost
Range Area GoldIcon Base ID
Drain Blood Spell605530Touch0drain blood
Flay Spirit Spell15052060Touch0flay spirit
Flay Spirit [Ranged] Spell22552060Target0 flay spirit [ranged]
Gash Spirit Spell7552030Touch0gash spirit
Gash Spirit [Ranged] Spell11352030Target0gash spirit [ranged]
Magicka Leech Spell12661560Touch0magicka leech
Spell Drain Spell180103030Target0 spell drain
Wild Flay Spirit Spell91203Target0wild flay spirit
Wizard Rend Spell3910354Target0 wizard rend
GoldIcon = Available for purchase from a spell merchant.


The following spell merchants are purveyors of one or more spells consisting of a Drain Magicka effect:

Drain Magicka Merchants
Aldaril Imperial Legion10Buckmoth Legion Fort: InteriorDrain Blood
Gash Spirit
Diren Vendu Telvanni10Tel Mora: Tower ServicesDrain Blood
Gash Spirit
Erer Darothril None40Sadrith Mora: Dirty Muriel's CornerclubMagicka Leech
Ethasi Rilvayn * Morag Tong10Balmora: Morag Tong GuildGash Spirit [Ranged]
Felen Maryon Telvanni7Tel Branora: Upper Tower, Therana's ChamberFlay Spirit
Ferise Varo None15Vos: Varo TradehouseDrain Blood
Heem-La Mages Guild10Ald'ruhn: Mages GuildWild Flay Spirit
Imare Hlaalu10Balmora: Hlaalu Council ManorGash Spirit
Jeanne Andre TR None9Mournhold: Great Bazaar, Magic ShopDrain Blood
Llaalam Madalas * Telvanni10Sadrith Mora: Llaalam Madalas: MageDrain Blood
Salver Lleran * Telvanni10Vivec, Telvanni Canton: Telvanni Waistworks: SorcererGash Spirit
Salyni Nelvayn Morag Tong10Ald'ruhn: Morag Tong GuildhallGash Spirit
Solea Nuccusius Imperial Legion10Moonmoth Legion Fort: Prison TowersDrain Blood
Gash Spirit
Tinaso Alan Telvanni10Tel Mora: Tower ServicesDrain Blood
Uleni Heleran Mages Guild10Sadrith Mora: Wolverine Hall, Mages GuildDrain Blood
Urtiso Faryon Telvanni10Sadrith Mora: Urtiso Faryon: SorcererDrain Blood
Gash Spirit

* This person's services are available to faction members of a sufficient rank only.


The following items consist of a Drain Magicka effect. They may include additional effects. See articles for details.

Apparel and jewelryEdit

Enchanted Apparel and Jewelry
Item Type Magnitude
Item ID
Ring of Nullification Ring37Instantring of nullification
Spiritstrike Ring Ring51030spiritstrike ring


Enchanted Armor
Item Type Magnitude
Duration Item ID
Azura's Servant Heavy Shield11030azura's servant
Darksun Shield Heavy Shield100100Constantdarksun_shield_unique
Slave's Left Bracer Heavy Left Bracer33Constantslave_bracer_left
Slave's Right Bracer Heavy Right Bracer33Constantslave_bracer_right


First effect ingredients can be consumed raw for the effect. Otherwise they must be combined using Alchemy.

Alchemy Ingredients
IngredientWeightIconGoldIconFirst EffectSecond EffectThird EffectFourth EffectItem ID
Bittergreen Petals 0.105 ingred_bittergreen_petals_01
Bloat 0.105 ingred_bloat_01
Blood of an Innocent BM 0.1025 ingred_blood_innocent_unique
Flaming Eye of the Lightkeeper BM 1.0015 ingred_eyeball_unique
Golden Sedge Flowers TR 1.001 Ingred_golden_sedge_01
Grahl Eyeball BM 1.0015 ingred_eyeball
Gravedust 0.101 ingred_gravedust_01
Kresh Fiber 0.101 ingred_kresh_fiber_01
Large Corprusmeat Hunk 1.000 ingred_6th_corprusmeat_05
Large Wrapped Corprusmeat 1.000 ingred_6th_corprusmeat_01
Medium Corprusmeat Hunk 0.500 ingred_6th_corprusmeat_06
Medium Wrapped Corprusmeat 0.500 ingred_6th_corprusmeat_03
Rat Meat 1.001 ingred_rat_meat_01
Red Lichen 0.1025 ingred_red_lichen_01
Ripened Belladonna Berries BM 0.105 ingred_belladonna_01
Scamp Skin 0.1010 ingred_scamp_skin_01
Small Corprusmeat Hunk 0.200 ingred_6th_corprusmeat_07
Small Wrapped Corprusmeat 0.200 ingred_6th_corprusmeat_02
Timsa-Come-By Flowers TR 1.001 Ingred_timsa-come-by_01
Trama Root 0.1010 ingred_trama_root_01
Treated Bittergreen Petals 0.1010 ingred_treated_bittergreen_uniq
Unripened Belladonna Berries BM 0.105 ingred_belladonna_02
Wolfsbane Petals BM 0.105 ingred_wolfsbane_01
Wrapped Corprusmeat Hunk 0.000 ingred_6th_corprusmeat_04

Potions and scrollsEdit

Potions and Scrolls
Item Type WeightIcon GoldIcon Magnitude
Item ID
Spoiled Cure Poison Potion Potion1.0010151540p_drain_magicka_q


Weapon damage varies by attack type (chop, slash, or thrust). Refer to individual articles for detailed information.

Enchanted Weapons
Weapon Type Magnitude
Item ID
Cleaver of St. Felms Axe 1H1515Instantcleaverstfelms
Fork of Horripilation Short Blade 1H200200Constantfork_horripilation_unique
Light of Day Blunt 1H100100Instantlightofday_unique
Spirit-Eater Long Blade 1H11030spirit-eater

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