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"This effect temporarily lowers the value of a victim's skill. The skill returns to its original value when the spell ends. The magnitude is the units of skill reduced each second of duration."
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Construction Set[src]

Drain Skill is a magic effect in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that is a member of the Destruction school of magic, governed by Willpower. Its base Magicka cost is 1.00 point.


The following spells consist of a Drain Skill effect. They may include additional effects. See articles for details.

Drain Skill Spells
Name Type Cost
Range Area GoldIcon Base ID
Crimson Plague TR * Common Disease01020ConstantSelf0 crimson_plague
Drain Acrobatics Spell5652060Target0 drain acrobatics
Drain Alchemy Spell5652060Target0drain alchemy
Drain Alteration Spell5652060Target0drain alteration
Drain Armorer Spell5652060Target0 drain armorer
Drain Athletics Spell5652060Target0drain athletics
Drain Axe Spell5652060Target0 drain axe
Drain Block Spell5652060Target0drain block
Drain Blunt Weapon Spell5652060Target0 drain blunt weapon
Drain Conjuration Spell5652060Target0drain conjuration
Drain Destruction Spell5652060Target0drain destruction
Drain Enchant Spell5652060Target0 drain enchant
Drain Hand-to-Hand Spell5652060Target0 drain hand-to-hand
Drain Heavy Armor Spell5652060Target0 drain heavy armor
Drain Illusion Spell5652060Target0 drain illusion
Drain Light Armor Spell5652060Target0 drain light armor
Drain Long Blade Spell5652060Target0 drain long blade
Drain Marksman Spell5652060Target0 drain marksman
Drain Medium Armor Spell5652060Target0 drain medium armor
Drain Mercantile Spell5652060Target0 drain mercantile
Drain Mysticism Spell5652060Target0drain mysticism
Drain Restoration Spell5652060Target0drain restoration
Drain Security Spell5652060Target0 drain security
Drain Short Blade Spell5652060Target0 drain short blade
Drain Sneak Spell5652060Target0 drain sneak
Drain Spear Spell5652060Target0 drain spear
Drain Speechcraft Spell5652060Target0 drain speechcraft
Drain Unarmored Spell5652060Target0drain unarmored
Scourge Blade * Spell5652030Target0scourge blade
TouchDrain Acrobatics Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain acrobatics
TouchDrain Alchemy Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain alchemy
TouchDrain Alteration Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain alteration
TouchDrain Armorer Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain armorer
TouchDrain Athletics Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain athletics
TouchDrain Axe Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain axe
TouchDrain Block Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain block
TouchDrain Blunt Weapon Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain blunt weapon
TouchDrain Conjuration Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain conjuration
TouchDrain Destruction Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain destruction
TouchDrain Enchant Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain enchant
TouchDrain Hand-to-Hand Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain hand-to-hand
TouchDrain Heavy Armor Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain heavy armor
TouchDrain Illusion Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain illusion
TouchDrain Light Armor Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain light armor
TouchDrain Long Blade Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain long blade
TouchDrain Marksman Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain marksman
TouchDrain Medium Armor Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain medium armor
TouchDrain Mercantile Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain mercantile
TouchDrain Mysticism Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain mysticism
TouchDrain Restoration Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain restoration
TouchDrain Security Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain security
TouchDrain Short Blade Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain short blade
TouchDrain Sneak Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain sneak
TouchDrain Spear Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain spear
TouchDrain Speechcraft Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain speechcraft
TouchDrain Unarmored Spell1952030Touch0 touchdrain unarmored
GoldIcon = Available for purchase from a spell merchant.
* Inflicts multiple simultaneous Drain Skill effects.


The following spell merchants are purveyors of one or more spells consisting of a Drain Skill effect:

Drain Skill Merchants
Crito Olcinius TR Imperial Cult18Mournhold: Royal Palace, Imperial Cult ServicesDrain Alchemy
Drain Alteration
Drain Conjuration
Drain Destruction
Drain Mysticism
Drain Restoration
Drain Unarmored
Erer Darothril None40Sadrith Mora: Dirty Muriel's CornerclubScourge Blade
Solea Nuccusius Imperial Legion10Moonmoth Legion Fort: Prison TowersDrain Athletics
Drain Block
Drain Destruction
Tinaso Alan Telvanni10Tel Mora: Tower ServicesScourge Blade

* This person's services are available to faction members of a sufficient rank only.


The following items consist of a Drain Skill effect. They may include additional effects. See articles for details.


First effect ingredients can be consumed raw for the effect. Otherwise they must be combined using Alchemy.

Alchemy Ingredients
IngredientWeightIconGoldIconFirst EffectSecond EffectThird EffectFourth EffectItem ID
Horker Tusk BM 0.105 ingred_horker_tusk_01


Weapon damage varies by attack type (chop, slash, or thrust). Refer to individual articles for detailed information.

Enchanted Weapons
Weapon Type Magnitude
Item ID
Fury * Long Blade 2H2020ConstantFury
Mace of Slurring TR Blunt 1H102015Mace of Slurring
Mace of Slurring_x

* Inflicts multiple simultaneous Drain Skill effects.

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