Drake's Pride is a quest given by Master Neloth in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, in which the Nerevarine is asked to retrieve the Robe of the Drake's Pride from Senise Thindo.



Once the Nerevarine has joined House Telvanni, they may head to Tel Naga to be given a quest by Master Neloth. Neloth wants the Nerevarine to obtain the Robe of the Drake's Pride from Senise Thindo, last seen in Tel Aruhn.

Drake's PrideEdit

The Nerevarine must head to Tel Aruhn, found to the west of Sadrith Mora. Asking around the tower will reveal that Thindo can be found in the living quarters. The Nerevarine may then kill her, although it is advised that they taunt her into attacking to avoid getting expelled from Telvanni. Once the Robe has been taken from her corpse, the Nerevarine may return to Neloth to complete the quest, although the Nerevarine may keep the Robe for themselves.


Drake's Pride – HT_DrakePride
IDJournal Entry
10Master Neloth asked me to recover the Robe of the Drake's Pride from Sinise Thindo, a servant of Master Gothren.
  • Quest accepted
100Master Neloth thanked me for delivering the Robe of Drake's Pride.
  • Quest completed


  • Neloth's disposition will drop by 5 each time the Nerevarine tells him they don't have the Robe.


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  • This quest is incorrectly labelled as a House Redoran quest in the journal.

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