Dralsi is a Dunmer female mentioned in the historical book series Biography of Barenziah. She is the daughter of Barenziah's affair with a mysterious bard known as Nightingale, who seduced her in order to gain possession of the Staff of Chaos for Jagar Tharn.


Birth and early lifeEdit

Dralsi was the daughter of Queen Barenziah and a mysterious bard known as Nightingale. Barenziah claimed she had been magically seduced by Jagar Tharn, disguised as Nightingale. The Nightingale was actually Drayven Indoril, a member of an elite group of thieves known as The Nightingales.[1]

Very little is known about Dralsi's childhood, except that she grew up in Morrowind and spent many years searching for her father. Eventually she traced him to a small town in Skyrim, and he accepted her as his daughter.[2]

Adult life and deathEdit

Dralsi followed in her father's footsteps and took the Oath of the Nightingales. Dralsi served Nocturnal well as a talented thief and shrine guard. She later married and had a daughter of her own, Karliah, who she trained in the art of thieving. She was killed while defending the Twilight Sepulcher from a mercenary attack.