Drarana Thelis is a Dunmer who resides in her home in the settlement of Harlun's Watch.


Mystery at Harlun's WatchEdit

Burz gro-Khash of the Cheydinhal Fighters Guild wants the Hero to travel to the village of Harlun's Watch and find out more about the mysterious disappearance of some of the townsfolk there. She will mention flickering lights near Swampy Cave.


Mystery at Harlun's WatchEdit

"Hello. You're from the Fighters Guild, I presume. It's good that you've arrived. We need your help with some disappearances."

Disappearances "Some folks reported seeing strange lights near the old Swampy Cave. We sent folks to investigate them, but haven't seen them since. We need help."
Strange lights "They started appearing a few nights ago. Odd, flickering lights. In the morning, there was nothing to see. But they were there at night."

"Be careful."
(After clearing Swampy Cave)
"Please, see if you can't find our friend who have disappeared."

Disappearances "Oh, no! You believe trolls killed them? That's horrible. Good that you've killed all of the trolls, though. Please, take this, with our gratitude."

"What a pity."
(If approached again)
"Thank you for your help. You are always welcome here."


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