Drastic Measures is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. Carnius has asked the Nerevarine to deliver equipment to a group of Nords arriving on Solstheim. He has hired them to slaughter the colonists at Raven Rock, making it appear as if the natives did it.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Carnius Magius in Fort Frostmoth.
  2. Pick up the weapons and armor from the two bags outside of Carnius' room.
  3. Deliver the weapons and armor to Toralf and his five men; Alfbrand, Valgeir, Bryngrim, Ormvard, and Audmund. They are located just east of the river going through the island, found by a small boat.

Kill Toralf and his men.

  1. Return to Fort Frostmoth.
  2. Kill Carnius Magius.
  3. Speak with Constans Atrius

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Upon completion of "The Assassin," Carnius will inform you that Falco's death still was not enough to get the investors to pull out. He speculates that if the colony were to be attacked by the local Nords, that would be the end of it. Since he is unwilling to actually contact the locals, he has hired some mercenaries to do the job while wearing the gear of the locals. He asks you to deliver it.

The gear is located in two bags besides the table just outside of Carnius's room. Be aware that it is very heavy, so make sure you have a lot of inventory space available. Alternatively, just drop all the things you don't need here and come back later to pick them up.

Deliver the gear to Toralf and his men, who will be waiting east of the river bed, by a small boat. They may not be there right away, so you may have to wait a day. Once you've found them, speak with Toralf. He will tell you to hand the gear out to his men. Speak with each mercenary individually and give them their gear. Once all the men have their gear, speak with Toralf and give him his gear. He will then tell you that Carnius has ordered them to kill you, as you've outgrown your usefulness. He will then proceed to attack.

Once Toralf and his men are dead, return to Carnius. He will be surprised to see you, as he presumed you'd be killed. He will tell you that you're no longer useful, and because you know too much, you need to die. He will then proceed to attack you. This is a difficult fight, as he has many healing potions, so come prepared.

Once Carnius is dead, speak with Constans Atrius to be named factor of Raven Rock.

Note: it is no longer possible to obtain Stalhrim Weapons and Ice Armor after this quest. If you have need of these, get them before doing this quest.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Drastic Measures
Carnius has asked me to deliver equipment to a group of Nords arriving on Solstheim. He's hired them to slaughter the colonists at Raven Rock, making it appear as if the natives did it.
  • Quest accepted
Toralf wants the weapons and armor handed out to his men. When I've finished that, I should let him know.
I've passed out the equipment to everyone but Toralf; I should speak with him again.
Toralf claimed Carnius had given orders to get rid of me, then attacked me.
I killed Toralf and all of his companions.
Carnius attacked me when I confronted him with what Toralf told me. I was forced to kill him.
Constans Atrius named me Factor of the Raven Rock division of the East Empire Company.
  • Quest complete

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