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"Once, they were warriors much like the Skaal. Trapped and hungry on this island, they feasted on the flesh of their fallen comrades, which is a crime against nature. The All-Maker cursed them with undeath, forever doomed to walk the land in search of more of the flesh of man to consume."
Korst Wind-Eye[src]

Draugr, also known as Eaters of Flesh,[1] are undead creatures in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.


They are embalmed undead corpses of ancient Nords, that were laid to rest a long time ago. Similarly to the undead found in Dunmer's tombs on Vvardenfell, they seem to be guarding the tombs and barrows of ancient Nords across Solstheim.

In the Skaal traditions, there are tests that sends a young Skaal warrior to fight these fierce monsters. By this mean, the young men prove their worthiness and become accomplished members of the Clan.


Draugr are resistant to poison, frost, shock and paralysis. They can deal large amounts of damage by swinging their arms violently; and are able to stun. They can be quite challenging at lower levels.


Draugr have 60% chance to drop gravetar.


Draugr can be found at following locations, no matter what level the Nerevarine is:

Draugr may be found on other locations on Solstheim as well, as leveled creatures.


  • Draugr take their inspiration and several traits from the draugr, an undead creature from Norse mythology.
  • The draugr found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are somewhat different to the draugr found in Bloodmoon. In Bloodmoon they are hunched and limping, although they can move very fast, on a short distance. They also have glowing red eyes, as opposed to their blue-eyed cousins from Skyrim.



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