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A Draugr Wight Lord is a type of Draugr in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


These Draugr resemble a normal Draugr Wight, but have more health and do much more damage when attacking. They are the wight level of the boss Draugr, the highest being the Death Overlord. It is a fairly rare form of draugr.


In combat, Draugr Wight Lords are aggressive. As soon as it spots the player, the Wight Lord will charge them. Though their attacks are powerful, they aren't fast, and they can be easily dodged.

The Draugr Wight Lord can use Unrelenting Force, which can stagger the Dragonborn, and the Disarm Shout, which rips the Dragonborn's weapon from their grasp, often making the player lose the weapon in the darkness of a Nordic Ruin.


As many enemies, Draugr Wight Lords are leveled, meaning that any Nord tomb visited at a level (21–30) has the chance to spawn a Wight Lord. Since Arcwind Point has a high chance to spawn high-level draugr when at a low player level, Wight Lords can appear at the location as early as level 6.


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