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Dravin's Bow is a quest item found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Its appearance is identical to a regular Hunting Bow.


Bow to the Master[]

Dravin Llanith at Merryfair Farm will tell the Dragonborn that thieves have stolen his bow and will ask that it be returned to him, for which Dravin will give a reward of a handful of gemstones.


It can be found in a chest in the The Ratway Vaults, located in the lowermost room of the vaults. The room is guarded by a Vagrant archer and a Lowlife. It is possible to obtain the bow prior to receiving the quest from Dravin.


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  • If Dravin is dead for any reason before assigning the quest, Dravin's Bow will still be considered a quest item, and unable to be removed from the inventory by normal means.
    • As a means to fix this bug, the console command player.removeitem 0006b9ad 1 can be used to remove it from the inventory.
    • Items can be stored in Dravin's body. This does not complete the quest.
    • Placing the bow into a container marked as owned by Dravin, such as the wardrobe in the farmhouse, may also work, but still does not complete the quest.
  • Placing it on a weapon rack may remove the quest item from the inventory.
  • If Dravin's Bow is obtained prior to being assigned the quest, it may be impossible to return to him, even if he explains the circumstances behind his stolen bow.
  •  PC   If this occurs, the console command setstage FreeformMerryfairFarm 30 can be used to advance the quest to the correct stage, allowing for the completion of the quest.
  • The bow can still be upgraded at a grindstone. This does not allow it to be removed from the inventory, however.