"The Sixth House is risen, and Dagoth is its glory."

Dreamers are people sent by House Dagoth to plague Vvardenfell during the late Third Era. Dreamers were once common people, that had the misfortune of being infected by one of the Blight diseases, which turned them into Dagoth Ur's servants. Many of them are wearing very little clothing and use a club as weapon.

Named Dreamers[edit | edit source]

Some of these dreamers are named:

Attributes and skills[edit | edit source]

The following are the attributes and skills of dreamers:

Major Skills[edit | edit source]

Minor Skills[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

They are commonly found inside Sixth House bases. And in the following locations:

Items[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Dialogues[edit | edit source]

Show: Dialogues

"We have you in our discerning eye, Nerevarine (Player name). We see you, waking and sleeping."
"Beneath Red Mountain, Lord Dagoth has awakened. Now Sleepers and Dreamers all are risen, and the dust is blown away. Come to your Lord, Dagoth Ur. The Sixth House is risen, and Dagoth is its glory."
"You have betrayed Lord Dagoth. Taste his vengeance."
"You will die, false one. Your flesh will feed us all."
"We see you, false one. Your flesh will feed us all."
"At the lonely hour of midnight, I fly, when stars are weeping. Beneath the echo of souls, my spirit sleeping."
"Fire, poisons, claws, pincers, wheels... what slave knows what the lover feels?"
"All is silence. The road is straight, without turning, in darkness. Now let there be an end to all things."

Background "I dream dreams, soul of the Sixth House, flesh of Lord Dagoth."
Blight disease "Lord Dagoth has sent the blight to destroy the foreigners, and to chasten those Dunmer who bend to foreign will. Those who oppose Lord Dagoth shall wither and die, while those who join Lord Dagoth shall be healed and strengthened, filled with the power and glory of Red Mountain, and inspired by the dreams of Dagoth Ur."
Dagoth Ur "It is the Hour of Wakening. He comes forth in his glory, and his people shall rejoice, and his enemies shall scatter like dust."
Discerning eye "My starkest madness seeming is divinest sense. Come! Grasp the chain, and prove you're sane!"
Dunmer "We are the Dunmer. Once this was the Dunmer's land, and it will be once again."
House Wars "The Great Houses have always fought among themselves. Long ago they banded together against one house, House Dagoth, and falsely denounced the house as traitors, and thought to destroy House Dagoth for all eternity. But they failed, for House Dagoth was but sleeping, and now has awakened. Now all the Great Houses must join House Dagoth to drive the foreigners and false gods from our soil."
Latest rumors "It is not a rumor. It is the truth. Lord Dagoth, Dagoth Ur, Lord of the Sixth House, and Savior of the Dunmer people, has awakened. And with him shall all sleepers awaken, and Morrowind shall be cleansed of the stain of false gods and foreign rule."
Morrowind "Morrowind is the ancient homeland of the Dunmer people. Once, in ancient days, when the Dunmer ruled themselves in their own land, this place was called Resdayn. Now we are weak -- no more than slaves -- ruled by foreigners who serve false gods. But now Lord Dagoth, Dagoth Ur, Lord of the Sixth House, has awakened. Now the restless shall wake from sleep, and this will once more be the land of the free and proud Dunmer."
Necromancy "Necromancy is the evil sorcery of the invaders, an abomination to our ancestors. All true Dunmer worship their ancestors, and honor their traditions. Our ancestors now are mad with shame and hatred, seeing us brought low by beasts and lesser races. Only when we have driven the foreigners from the land can our ancestors rest."
Nerevarine "Prophecies say Lord Nerevar will come again to drive the foreigners from the land and restore the Dunmer and Morrowind to its ancient glory."
Red Mountain "Red Mountain is the heart of Morrowind. There Lord Dagoth Ur dwells, and from Red Mountain he shall come to drive out the foreigners and restore the ancient glories of the Dunmer. Go to him, beneath Red Mountain, kneel before him, and he will show you mercy, and gather you into his household."
Slavery "The Dunmer people have all been slaves, sleeping in shame, serving the outland overlords like meek children. But now the sleepers awake, and shall be slaves no longer. Now we shall be the Dunmer once again, free and proud -- rulers, not ruled."
Vampires "Vampires are loathsome monsters, creations of false gods and Western necromancers. The kinsmen of Lord Dagoth have been called 'ash vampires' by the ignorant, but they are not vampire in any way. They are wise and powerful, long-lived and masterful in sorcery -- but they are ageless, immortal wizards, like all of Lord Dagoth's kin -- and not vampires."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Every time they are spoken to, before the completion of the "Sleepers Awake" quest, their disposition towards the Nerevarine will drop 10 points. Once they reach 0, they will become hostile.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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