"I've lost my way. This place looks familiar, but I can't remember how I got here. Can you help me?"
Henantier, about the Dreamworld.[src]

The Dreamworld is a place between wakefulness and death where dreams occur. Little is known about it. The Hero might have entered it to restore Henantier to his former self. While entering, the Hero is stripped of their equipment temporarily. Any items picked up while in the Dreamworld are removed from the inventory upon waking.

Henantier claims that, if he dies within his dreams, anyone accompanying him also dies.

Notable itemsEdit


Through a Nightmare, DarklyEdit

During the Third Era, the Hero, as a member of the Mages Guild, assisted Kud-Ei, leader of the Bravil Mages Guild, with returning her lost lover, Henantier, from the dreamworld. He fell into a deep sleep while wearing an amulet called the "Dreamworld Amulet." The amulet was part of an experiment gone wrong.

Test of Patience

The correct path of tiles is displayed above.

In the Dreamworld, Henantier lost his sanity and memories. The Hero needed to wade through specific trials in order to restore his mind. One test involves swimming through a very long underwater tunnel. Another requires the fighting of Dreamworld Minotaur in an arena reminiscent of the one in the Imperial City. The gear acquired there is limited.

Another test called the "Test of Patience" requires the Hero to traverse a dark room with a trapped floor. Stepping on the incorrect tiles causes trapped pillars to fire arrows at the Hero.


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