Dredaza the Ringmaster is a Xivkyn in the Imperial City Arena District, and serves as the final boss of the Arena.


  • Aspect of Terror
  • Furor of the Game Master
  • Siphon


The Watcher in the WallsEdit

Someone calling themselves The Rat left a note claiming that the Daedra are slaughtering people in the Imperial Arena. If I slay the Daedra, instead, The Rat promised to reward me with a secret about Molag Bal's plan for Imperial City.


  • Update 8: Aspect of Terror no longer prompts an interrupt tutorial.[1]
  • Update 8: Dredaza's theatre scene in the Imperial City arena can no longer be interrupted, and will no longer result in a battle with two bosses at once.[1]
  • Update 8: Furor of the Game Master can no longer be interrupted.[1]
  • Update 8: Siphon is now correctly removed if its channel is interrupted.[1]
  • Update 8: Siphon now correctly stops channeling if its target performs a CC break.[1]
  • Update 8: Reduced the duration of Spirit Shield to 5 minutes from 1 hour and 40 minutes. The visual effects for Spirit Shield no longer persist indefinitely after the effect expires.[1]



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