It's a small cabin located west of Hamvir's Rest, south of Morthal, in the vale between the mountains. The cottage's owner, Drelas, is a Dunmer mage specializing in dark magic. If he detects the Dragonborn he will become hostile and attack. He uses Firebolt, Lightning Bolt and frost spells, but Ice Spike appears to be the most common.

Notable items

An Arcane Enchanter and an Alchemy Lab are inside, along with plenty of ingredients for potions. A chest containing the mage's valuables can be found upstairs. Outside the cottage there is a small vegetable garden and a chicken's nest with three chickens. It is also possible to recieve Meridia's Beacon from the chest in his upstairs bedroom.


  • A Dragon often spawns flying outside the cottage due to a dragon location nearby, which leads to a Word Wall just up the hill northwest of Drelas' Cottage. As with many other Word Walls, there is a dragon guarding it.
  • Like few other locations in Skyrim, Drelas' Cottage or Drelas himself are not tied or involved in any known quests or miscellanious objectives.
  • Drelas' home is an alchemy treasure trove, but everything taken will be considered "stolen"
  • Talking to followers may lead to the dialogue line, "You aren't supposed to be in here" resulting in the inability to trade, give commands or wait as staying in the cottage is counted as trespassing.


  •  PC   Using the shout Slow Time when in Drelas' Cottage will have a permanent effect until resting.
  •  PS3   Taking certain thralls into Drelas' Cottage may make them hostile. One example is a Pyromancer. This could be because the thralls character class is a similar type to Drelas himself.
  •  PS3  Companions will not answer or help you in Drelas' Cottage, they simply reply 'You're not supposed to be in here'.
  • Drelas doesn't respawn, nor does anyone else, like a generic mage or bandit, but the cottage's contents do respawn, but they're still flagged as "Steal".

Player home

Drelas Cottage can be made into a player home on PC by typing the following commands:

player.SetCellOwnership DrelasCottage01 (Set player as the owner of all the containers and items)
SetZoneRespawns E66AC 0 (Disable the respawn zone "DrelasCottage", this is what is resetting everything)
SetZoneRespawns F90B1 1 (Enables the respawn zone "NoRespawnZone" which is used in player house cells)


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