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Dremora are type of Daedra in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. They can be summoned by Nerevarine using spell summon Dremora.


  • Dremora Lord: A more powerful version of Dremora
  • Summoned Dremora


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Character Level Possible Weapon Drop
1 Dreugh Club
Dreugh Staff
Dwarven Battle Axe
Dwarven Claymore
Dwarven Halberd
Dwarven Mace
Dwarven Shortsword
Dwarven Spear
Dwarven War Axe
Dwarven Warhammer
14 Ebony Shortsword
Ebony War Axe
Ebony Broadsword
15 Ebony Longsword
Ebony Mace
Ebony Spear
Ebony Staff
16 Daedric Staff
Daedric Tanto
Daedric Club
Daedric Dagger
Daedric Shortsword
17 Daedric Spear
Daedric Wakizashi
Daedric War Axe
Daedric Battle Axe
Daedric Katana
Daedric Mace
Daedric Longsword
18 Daedric Warhammer
Daedric Dai-katana
Daedric Claymore





Dremora and its variants can be found at any levels in following locations:



  • Dremora have a natural immunity to normal weapons. As such, only Enchanted, Silver, Ebony, or Daedric Weapons affect them.
  • Dremora also have an inherent ability to transfer 20% of damage done back to the attacker.


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