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"A butler's work is never done."
―Dremora Butler[src]

Dremora Butler is a Dremora encountered in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


Black Book: Untold Legends[]

He can be obtained as a reward for the Black Book quest Untold Legends.

He can be summoned using the Secret Servant power. When activated, he appears and offers to carry any items for the Dragonborn, much like a follower would.

The Butler is highly useful when the Dragonborn is over-encumbered and no safe container is within reach and/or where one has no follower. The Dragonborn can also use him to effectively "smuggle" equipments into restricted, gear-removing areas such as prisonsCidhna Mine or the Thalmor Embassy.


  • "Ah, a new master. It's been centuries."
  • "Oh look. My new master."
  • "More cups and plates for me to carry?"
  • "I don't suppose you'll carry some of this for a while."
  • "I live to serve."
  • "I've always dreamt of being a pack mule."
  • "It's been so much fun."
  • "I'll be going now."
  • "Certainly, ma'am" (if the Dragonborn is female)
  • "Certainly, sir" (if the Dragonborn is male) – this response is bugged and will not play


  • True to his profession, the Dremora Butler behaves much more refined and polite towards the Dragonborn than any other Daedra encountered in-game. Also, his voice does not sound menacing, unlike his fellow Dremoras.
  • If given weapons to carry, the Butler will equip the one with the highest damage rating on his back, but will not participate in combat under any circumstances and remains invulnerable.
  • His total carrying capacity is capped at 148 WeightIcon.png. He has 200 base carrying weight, the unique ability called Lower Carry Weight (which decreases it by 50 points) and the character's outfit (Fine Boots, Fine Clothes) decreases it by 2 points.[1]


This section contains bugs related to Dremora Butler. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • The Butler has a male-specific response when summoned ("Certainly, sir"), but due to a script error, he will never say this. The scripts for this line can be found in the game files.
  •  360   Sometimes the Butler will not spawn right away.
    • Trying to spawn him again while he has not spawned yet will cause the Butler to not spawn at all.
      •  360 (Fix)   This can be avoided by waiting for the Butler to spawn the first time.
      •  360 (Fix)   Alternatively, reloading a save will also fix this issue.