"This crumbling ruin, abandoned since the middle of the First Era, was said to have been built upon the foundation of even older structures. Its purpose, whatever it was, has been long forgotten."
Dresan Keep Loading Screen[src]

Dresan Keep is a ruin in the region of Glenumbra. It's an old ruin and infested with Bloodthorn cultists. A passage down the old well leads to an underground area with library which is looked after by a Keeper of Knowledge.


A Mysterious CurioEdit

The Vestige found a dusty old scroll beside an ancient Ayleid coffer in the vault beneath Dresan Keep. They should try and open the ancient coffer and see what is inside.

The Hidden TreasureEdit

The spirit of Richard Dusant appeared before the Vestige by the bridge leading to Dresan Keep. He died searching for the hidden treasure of the Keep and he wants help to finish the search for the Keep's ancient secrets.

Notable itemsEdit





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