Dreughside is a shanty town just outside Wayrest on the northern side, in the region of Stormhaven. When first entered it has been taken over by Dreugh and the Vestige needs to help the locals to clear the town.


The Dreugh ThreatEdit

Dreugh are mysteriously attacking the Dreughside district. Sergeant Stegine is organizing a defense. The Vestige should lend their aid.

They Dragged Him AwayEdit

Adiel Charnis is distraught. Dreugh attacked her home in the Dreughside district, and her husband fought back. They wounded him and dragged him off toward their spawning pools. Adriel holds out hope her husband still lives.

The Sower ReapsEdit

Arcady Charnis believes someone ordered men to plant dreugh eggs in the Dreughside neighborhood to cause the dreugh to attack.




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