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Driftshade Refuge is a fort in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is a Silver Hand fortress in the north of Skyrim, located southeast of Dawnstar and southwest of Frostflow Lighthouse.

Each major chamber contains two or three Silver Hand members. The corridor to the left eventually leads to Driftshade Cellar. This must be passed through in order to reach the room holding the Fragments of Wuuthrad. This room is guarded by four Silver Hand, and also contains a chest, workbench, grindstone, anvil, and random loot.


Notable items[]

  • The Rear Guard (Light Armor) – in Driftshade Cellar.
  • Warrior (Block) – in the last room of the dungeon after going through the Cellar.
  • 2920, vol 01 - Morning Star (One-Handed) – in the last room of the dungeon after going through the Cellar.
  • Adept level Locked chest – Leveled loot
  • Four chests with random loot.
  • This is one of the very few locations throughout Skyrim where a pre-cooked mammoth steak can be found (in the kitchen).
  • Vernaccus and Bourlor – on a bookcase near an unlit candles stand inside the second room from the entrance and on a round table near fireplace inside a room with barred door.



  • It is possible to skip most of the dungeon. If a noise is made at the barred door, a Silver Hand may open the door to investigate, allowing direct access to the final chamber.
  • There is a normally inaccessible room that can be entered by breaching the left wall in the first room just before the passageway to the barred door. The room, however, is dark and empty.


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  • Completing "Blood's Honor" after killing anyone inside Driftshade Refuge may render the Companions questline impossible to complete, as the next quest, "Purity of Revenge" will not start. It is advisable to either avoid the area or wait 32 days after killing anyone before finishing "Blood's Honor."
  • It is possible to go through the barred door immediately after killing the Silver Hand in the first chamber. This can be accomplished by jumping over the door bar.