"He had been erratic of late, prone to fits and even occasional seizures."
Carlovac Townway[src]

Dro'Zel was the King of Elsweyr at the end of the First Era. Dro'Zel was known for being a madman with a mentality of child. He served the Reman Empire well when in Sun's Dusk of 1E 2920, he was an advisor to the Imperial Court. On the 16th of Sun's Dusk, Dro'Zel contacted Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of Domination and Rape to destroy the large city of Gil-Var-Delle. His reasoning was that a Bard from Gil-Var-Delle told a tale to Dro'Zel poorly and he was extremely distraught about it, resulting in neverending anger. His decision to destroy Gil-Var-Delle inspired Sotha Sil of the Tribunal to create a pact with the Daedric Princes where most not interact with their devoters. This was eventually broken in 2E 583 on Vvardenfell.[1][2][3]


  • Dro'Zel's condition may be Dementia as he was expressing one of the key symptoms, impaired reasoning. It is because of his very childish reason, is why Gil-Var-Delle was destroyed.


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