Dro'Zira, also spelled Dro-Zira, was a Khajiit and legendary folk-hero from the early First Era.

Little is known of his life and accomplishments, and what little is known is pieced together from oral tradition and often contradictory. According to legend, when the Great Cat God of Time Alkosh called his "pride" to the Battle of Red Mountain, The Last Litter Born in the Great Darkness Lorkhaj[1] gave his "roar" to the immortal Nordic hero Wulfharth to spite the Khajiit warriors. Rather then slaying them, Wulfharth used his voice to move the moons Masser and Secunda, turning the Khajiit into senche. While fierce and powerful they had lost all ability to reason except for Dro'Zira. The others—Rhojiit—presumably became the Sabre cats which now inhabit Skyrim.[source?]

Wulfharth then mounted upon Dro-Zira and rode up the slopes of Red Mountain in an attempt to reclaim the Heart of Lorkan, where they together confronted King Dumac Dwarf-Orc in its chamber along with presumably his royal guard, Indoril Nerevar, Alandro Sul, Kagrenac, Voryn Dagoth, and Vivec.[2] When Dumac raised his sword to Wulfharth's throat, preventing him from speaking, it was Dro'Zira who saved the Ash King by pouncing upon the Dwemer lord. Sometime after these events, Dro'Zira was confined to the realm of Sheggorath from which he was rescued from by Wulfharth in turn.[3] There exists some degree of bitterness amongst Khajiit against the Nord bards who do not recount this version of events.

The prophecies of a "Dro'Jizad" are comparable to the Nerevarine prophecies and may be tangentially connected.[4]


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