Drothmeri Commander

The Drothmeri Commander.

The Drothmeri Army is a group of Dunmer added by the plug-in Mehrunes' Razor, who joined the House Telvanni and Frathen Drothan in their efforts to find Mehrunes' Razor inside Sundercliff Watch.

Drothan's hope was to find the legendary weapon and lead his soldiers to victory against the Empire. Frathen led his veteran soldiers into the ancient Ayleid city of Varsa Baalim, where the Razor is said to be hidden.

In order to fund their operations, Frathen found a way to convert the large amounts of iron ore inside Sundercliff Watch into gold. In order to fulfill this large project, he had many Argonian and Khajiit laborers to mine the iron.

However, journals found by the Hero suggested the soldiers were only with Frathen because of the enormous payments they were receiving and none of them believed he'd succeed against the Empire, with many planning to desert after getting enough money out of the crazed wizard. None of them lived to spend their money however; those that journeyed into Varsa Baalim with Frathen were slaughtered by the vampires trapped in the ruins since ancient times while those that remained outside were killed by the Hero.[source?]



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