"I don't mind working at the Retching Netch, but I was hoping for a bit more when I moved to Solstheim. Ah well."
―Drovas Relvi[src]

Drovas Relvi is a Dunmer found working at The Retching Netch Inn at Raven Rock.

Drovas can be seen working at the Earth Stone while under the control of Miraak, when the Dragonborn arrives at Raven Rock. After he is freed, he resumes his work at the Retching Netch.


Reluctant StewardEdit

Drovas can be asked to become Neloth's new steward, after Varona Nelas is killed. He will accept this and leave the Retching Netch for Tel Mithryn immediately.

A New DebtEdit

Upon completion of Reluctant Steward, Mogrul reveals that Drovas owed him 1000 GoldIcon. He will then demand that the Dragonborn pay Drovas's debt since they were responsible for him leaving Raven Rock. If the Dragonborn doesn't pay him right away he will send his thugs after the Dragonborn until he gets his gold. The debt can be reduced to 500 GoldIcon with a successful intimidation.

The Dragonborn may also talk to Drovas about his debt. First, choose the option "Please be patient, I'll get you your money" while talking to Mogrul. Then, travel to Tel Mithryn and talk to Drovas. He will say he doesn't have the money, but will give the Dragonborn 250 GoldIcon if they are persistent. The rest of the debt will still have to be paid by the Dragonborn.


Reluctant StewardEdit

Do you want to become the new steward of Tel Mithryn? "Uh... you mean leave Raven Rock? For good? To go work for a crazed Telvanni wizard? Sure. Just let me get my things. On second thought, nevermind. I can get new stuff."

You seem awfully eager. "Well, I've never been one to pass up an opportunity. Sorry to run, but I'm off to my new job."



Geldis: "Drovas! I need you to clean the rooms again. I went through there, and there's ash everywhere."
Drovas: "Sorry, boss. The ash comes in faster than I can clean it up."
Geldis: "Well, then you'll just have to clean them twice a day. Whatever it takes."
Drovas: "Yes, boss."

Emberbrand WineEdit

Geldis: "Drovas, I thought I told you I needed the jazbay crushed for my Emberbrand Wine. Where is it?"
Drovas: "We ran out of jazbay berries almost two weeks ago."
Geldis: "Damn it. I wish you would have told me sooner."
Drovas: "Sorry, boss."


  • "Welcome to the Retching Netch Cornerclub, milord/milady. If you need anything, Master Geldis will be happy to help you."
  • "We have all sorts of authentic dark elf food and drink here. Geldis spares no expense."
  • "Geldis may be a tough boss, but I can put up with it. Keeps a roof over my head."
  • "I don't mind working at the Retching Netch, but I was hoping for a bit more when I moved to Solstheim. Ah well."
  • "There's got to be more to life than sweeping and cleaning all day."


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