"What? Who are you? Oh... who cares. I'm Druja. You want something? Or you just practicing your Cyrodilic?"

Druja quote

Druja is an Argonian spell merchant at the Mages Guild in Skingrad. She also trains Expert level Mysticism.



Skingrad RecommendationEdit

On the Hero's quest to gain recommendations for entrance into the Arcane University, Adrienne Berene asks them to find Erthor.

Speaking with the other mages at the Skingrad Mages Guild, the Hero learns that Druja knows the location of Erthor. When asked, she reveals he resides at Bleak Flats Cave outside of Skingrad, although she does not remember why he was sent there.


"What? Who are you? Oh... who cares. I'm Druja. You want something? Or you just practicing your Cyrodilic?"

Skingrad "It's a town, like any other. Well, go outside, and there's the mountains and wines and sheep. Here in town, though, nothing special."
Skingrad Recommendation

"Well met."

Mages Guild "Adrienne may read too much, but you should see the Summon spell she taught Vigge. He might teach you, if you're skilled enough."
Recommendation "Oh no, that's Adrienne's job, not mine. If you ask about it, don't be surprised if she's annoyed. She doesn't like being interrupted."

After speaking to Adrienne Berene:

Erthor "I haven't seen him in quite some time. But then, this isn't the first time he's been away, so I wasn't really that concerned."

Bleak Flats Cave (After learning about Bleak Flats Cave) "It's just northwest of Skingrad. Here, see it on the map? That's where Erthor wound up, after Adrienne told him he couldn't practice in the guild hall anymore. She probably doesn't even remember that. You might want to make sure she remembers. Especially the part about it being her idea."

"Good luck finding Erthor."

Spells for saleEdit

Spell Skill Level Required Effects Base Magicka Cost
AlterationShieldDefend Apprentice (25) Shield 15% for 30 secs on Self 43 MagickaIcon
AlterationFeatherEase Burden Apprentice (25) Feather 50 pts for 240 secs on Self 35 MagickaIcon
AlterationOpenOpen Easy Lock Apprentice (25) Open Easy Lock on Target 29 MagickaIcon
ConjurationScampSummon Scamp Apprentice (25) Summon Scamp for 20 secs on Self 60 MagickaIcon
DestructionFireBurning Touch Novice (0) Fire Damage 10 pts on Touch 14 MagickaIcon
DestructionFireFlash Bolt Apprentice (25) Fire Damage 20 pts on Target 52 MagickaIcon
DestructionDrainMinor Enervation Novice (0) Drain Fatigue 15 pts for 15 secs on Target 12 MagickaIcon
DestructionDrainMinor Wound Novice (0) Drain Health 5 pts for 10 secs on Target 10 MagickaIcon
DestructionFrostSnowball Novice (0) Frost Damage 10 pts on Target 21 MagickaIcon
DestructionShockSpark Novice (0) Shock Damage 10 pts on Target 22 MagickaIcon
MysticismDetectLifeMajor Life Detection Apprentice (25) Detect Life 60 ft for 20 secs on Self 30 MagickaIcon
RestorationRestoreHeal Major Wounds Apprentice (25) Restore Health 25 pts on Self 61 MagickaIcon

Note: "Base Magicka Cost" refers to how much magicka it costs to cast the spell without factoring in player's skill level, attribute level, and individual spell effects. Generally, magicka costs are higher.