Drulene Falen is a Dunmer guar herder who can be found outside of her hut west of Ald'ruhn.


Drulene Falen is a guar herder who is on the verge of returning to Tear due to the conditions of her farm.


Mudcrab PestsEdit

Neminda sends members of House Redoran to help Drulene Falen deal with a group of mudcrabs that are killing her guar.

Trouble with BanditsEdit

Find the bandits that have been stealing Drulene Falen's guar.


Mudcrab Pests

"Did Neminda send you? Are you here to help with these hostile mudcrabs?"

hostile mudcrabs "There's a pair of them that's been hunting my guar. Just the other day they killed one and dragged it off. They usually come from the coast to the southwest. If this keeps up, I might have to sell what I still got and move back to Tear."
Tear "It's also called Dres since it's the home of House Dres. Too hot for me, though. It's practically in Argonia."

After defeating the mudcrabs:

"Did you find the hostile mudcrabs?"

hostile mudcrabs "You killed the mudcrabs that were bothering my guar? Thank the Tribunal! I might not have to move back to Tear after all... You look tired, Nerevarine (Player name). Can I offer some Hackle-Lo?"
Yes "Here you go, Nerevarine (Player name). After a hard day there's nothing better than chewing some Hackle-Lo."
No "It can be an acquired taste. Thanks again, Nerevarine (Player name)."
hostile mudcrabs "I haven't seen any more mudcrabs. Thanks for asking, though."
mudcrabs "Seems like the ones around here are all hostile mudcrabs."
Trouble with Bandits

"Did Neminda send you again? I've been having trouble with bandits."

trouble with bandits "The bandits have only tried to get my guar and those of two other herders nearby. The bandits came from the south last time and they led off one of my best guar that way. I'd check south of here to see if tere are any caves or tombs that the bandits could be hiding in."

After defeating the bandits:

"I was having some trouble with bandits. Have you found anything, Nerevarine (Player name)?"

trouble with bandits "Well, I guess I owe you some more hackle-lo. I'm glad to hear that the bandits won't be troubling us again."
Accept some Hackle-lo. "Here you are, Nerevarine (Player name). Just ask if you ever need anything."
No thanks. "If you ever need anything, Nerevarine (Player name), just ask."
trouble with bandits "I haven't had any more trouble with bandits or mudcrabs either one."

If approached again:

"Things have been pretty quiet around here. Thanks for all your help, Nerevarine (Player name)."


  • "He's doing fine, Nerevarine (Player name)." – After asking about Corky during the quest "Rent and Taxes"


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